PSP bluetooth dongle – everE A375 Review

1165545427.jpg The everE A375 is pretty much the one of the few BT dongles out there that’s been noted. You might have to import it, but it’ll definitely help you cover the whole unwired issue.
When it first comes, the instructions ask you to charge the BT dongle for 2 hours. I plugged in the included mini-USB to USB cable and it took a little over an hour to actually completely charge the dongle.
This device fits snug on the bottom side of your PSP, but it actually integrates in with the headphone jack instead of the PSP. Thus, while it’s pretty much compatible with any audio device out there, there is no reason why anyone would fit such a device on any other device besides the PSP due to the shape. So you can tell that they didn’t bother to integrate directly into the controls on the side of the audio dongle that could allow the PSP to be controlled by the headphones. Unsure if this is by design, or a flaw, but it’s slightly underachieving. The form factor is great when plugged in, but when it’s off the device, it doesn’t store as well. There is a slight chance that you could damage or snap the jack from the rest of the dongle. Perhaps if the jack could fold into the form factor in the next version.

Some quick technical specifications:

  • Bluetooth Specification Version 1.2 Class 2 (10m coverage)
  • Supports Bluetooth A2DP Profile
  • Music Playing Time: Up to 5 hours
  • Standby Time: Up to 150 hours
  • Nominal Charging Time: Within 3 hours
  • Interface: 3.5mm stereo audio plug, mini USB charging port
  • Sensitivity: <0.1% BER at -80dBm
  • RF Output Power: -6dBm to 4dBm
  • Power consumption: 30mAh
  • Battery: 3.7V 200mA rechargeable Li-Polymer
  • Power: Input AC 100-240V, Output DC 5V 500mA-1A
  • Operating temperature: -10’C to +55’C
  • Dimensions: 126mm x 20mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 20 gram (including battery)

Another strange inclusion is the audio jack adapter. The Bluetooth device doesn’t come with a external jack to plug-into when you have it connected so the adapter is pretty useless.
I’ve tested Bluetooth pairing with both the Motorola HT820 and Motorola S805. The both paired up in less than fifteen seconds which is actually pretty quick pairing considering the instructions give a maximum pairing time of sixty seconds. With both of these headsets, you have to turn up the volume on the PSP to at least half way before you can adjust the volume with the headphones themselves.
Overall, the adapter does as advertised. It ran me somewhere around thirty-five to forty dollars USD imported after everything was said and done from eBay, but your mileage may vary. There’s just one thing to rejoice about: PSP unwired here I come!