Promises, promises…

It’s ramping up to a new presidential campaign again. Mainly it’s the primaries, but it’s funny how every four years, it’s the same old stuff. No wonder there are more independents and according to Talk of the Nation on NPR a while back, whom are more politically cynical. It really boils down to all the promises.

Lately, it’s been the Democratic Party saying how they’re going to increase broadband, have universal health care, and other types of fun stuff. I’m sure that the Republican Party is going to play with the tax refunds and also play on the same types of things such as health care. In fact, if you go back the last two decades, that’s pretty much what everyone talks about. Health care and taxes.
Go figure that. Obviously no one has done anything about it, or else it wouldn’t be a hot topic every four years. But what’s even more funny is that most people that are politically tied to a party cannot seem to see the fact that it just doesn’t ever change. Regardless of party.
Thus, that could be why there has been a surge with independents that are cynical with politics. Those of us that have grown up with these promises, see it just as such. Promises. All talk, no walk. So are we going to see anything different this coming 2008? I wouldn’t bet on it.