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Don’t miss out on this one-time 2006 phone tax refund

This is your one reminder that there is a phone tax refund for the fiscal year of 2006. This isn’t much to go nuts about ($30-$60) but it is something that you should get if you didn’t know about it already. This phone tax (now defunct) is a special one-time refund for overpayment. The reason for this is simply:
The tax itself used to be based on how much time you called. When phone companies started doing flat rate calls, this challenged how the tax was being collected.
So don’t forget that you’re entitled to at least thirty dollars this year. Compliments of Uncle Sam.

Work ethics

There’s some things that just can’t beat good work ethics. After reading my buddy’s post on dependability in the work place, it was about time to throw in my two cents worth.
There is pretty much nothing that can top the hard worker that makes good on what is promised. It doesn’t ever have to be fast, or with a new fancy process that is efficient. The goal is to do as you’re asked and to manage to get the job done at the time that the project is due.
As an intern, I remember my manager giving me a project that was supposed to take me three months to accomplish and I did it in two weeks. Again, it had nothing to do with the time, but the fact that I finished a project as per specification of my manager. That lead me to better things within my career due to the work ethic.
For younger folks, this is something to be said. Changing out jobs doesn’t have the negative connotation it did a decade ago, but it’s still not something that should be done much unless there is something to be gained. Even at your dream job, sometimes you’ll feel like you want to call it quits. But it’s the work ethic that drives your through and the rewards at the end of the goal line that keep you going. Without good work ethic, it really matters not how intelligent you are or how much potential you have.
In the corporate world, your reputation is fragile. So don’t forget the one thing that will get you places when no one else can help you: good work ethics.

Slipstreaming a Windows XP CD

Slipstreaming basically means that you’ll take a installation CD of some operating system and apply the latest patches and drivers to it. Maximum PC has the howto on slipstreaming a Windows XP CD.
Via MaximumPC

ConvergeSouth 2007 Keynote Speaker: Jason Calacanis

ConvergeSouth planning is ramping up again, and it looks like we landed a great speaker. Jason Calacanis is going to keynote this year. He’s the muscle behind Weblogs, Inc. and the new Netscape at AOL before going off to Sequoia and doing whatever they pay him to do.
Amusingly enough, I remember mentioning Jason’s name last year as someone to tap since from an entrepeneur standpoint, he’s a great guy to imitate and he blogs like the dickens and podcasts too. And not to mention, one of our own is part of the Weblogs, Inc family and broke the keynote news.
Did I know about it beforehand? Sure. Wasn’t expecting to talk about it this early in the game, but the cat’s out of the bag, you know? So welcome, Jason to Greensboro in October! And more session leaders to talk about in the months to come.
While I’m at it, I don’t suppose anyone would know if My Chemical Romance is willing to make a side-trip? Sure it’s a long shot for my own music planning, but I personally can’t help but love their music. Ha. Well, one can dream.

Sysinternals Suite

Ever since Sysinternals was swallowed by the giant Microsoft, no one knew where the free utilities would be going. It seems that they’ve been recombined into a suite that is offered for troubleshooting. Freeware. for Windows. What can you say, but sweet.
Lifehacker < Microsoft

Make Firefox look like Internet Explorer

Yes, we know that there’s not really a good reason to do this. Mainly because, Firefox is just better and why would you want to make it look at like Internet Explorer? But here’s a good howto from John Haller that makes Firefox look like Internet Explorer. It’s pretty much there with some addons/extensions that allow you to set it up to look like IE. You win on the fact that the backend is actually Firefox, but the frontend allows those diehard luddites to not have to recognize the change just to reject it.
It’s a great thing for administrators, and it’s a great thing for IE lovers that don’t want to switch but don’t want the IE security holes. Everyone’s happy. Sorta.

PSP bluetooth dongle – everE A375 Review

1165545427.jpg The everE A375 is pretty much the one of the few BT dongles out there that’s been noted. You might have to import it, but it’ll definitely help you cover the whole unwired issue.
When it first comes, the instructions ask you to charge the BT dongle for 2 hours. I plugged in the included mini-USB to USB cable and it took a little over an hour to actually completely charge the dongle.
This device fits snug on the bottom side of your PSP, but it actually integrates in with the headphone jack instead of the PSP. Thus, while it’s pretty much compatible with any audio device out there, there is no reason why anyone would fit such a device on any other device besides the PSP due to the shape. So you can tell that they didn’t bother to integrate directly into the controls on the side of the audio dongle that could allow the PSP to be controlled by the headphones. Unsure if this is by design, or a flaw, but it’s slightly underachieving. The form factor is great when plugged in, but when it’s off the device, it doesn’t store as well. There is a slight chance that you could damage or snap the jack from the rest of the dongle. Perhaps if the jack could fold into the form factor in the next version.

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How to make a movie of your linux desktop

You have a sweet desktop setup or you need to create a demo of something on your linux desktop. With xvidcap, avidemux, and audacity, you can create a sweet demo. Xvidcap is used to do the capturing of your video for your desktop, avidemux is used to edit the video and add the audio file, and audacity is used for editing your audio file. Blogcritics has more details on how to use these three tools together to create your movie of your desktop.

System Information for Windows

SIW or System Information for Windows, is this great utility that tells you pretty much everything you want to know about your Windows system from an informational perspective. It can recover a whole slew of information including your Windows license key recovery and also other types of regular password recovery as well as hardware and software information. Free for personal use for Windows.
Lifehacker < SIW


AlZip is a free Zip utility for Windows. Well, perhaps zip is too limiting. It also open 36 different formats, creates 8 different formats, and lots more! You can even crack lost zip passwords. It’s pretty powerful and if you’re not already stuck on the opensource 7-Zip utility, it might be time to take a look at this one.
Lifehacker < AlZip