Game Review: Sid Meier’s Pirates! for the PSP… ARRRR!!

Gamespot gives this PSP game a 8.6 on their review and overall, it’s been one of better adventure games that I’ve been able to get my hands on for the PSP.
Outside of the original revenge plot, you start out with one of the countries: England, France, Spain, or Holland. These were the big countries back in the day of pirating and exploration of the Caribbean. Each of the affiliations will give you a harder or easier position to start with. The more the cities, the more ships to attack, and vice versa. You’re also able to take on the pirates of the time and become the biggest “ARR” of them all.
ARRR you ready for Sid Meier’s Pirates! for PSP?

There are a couple types of play scenarios. The most obvious one is the sailing and attacking via your ship. You can capture other ships, sink them, take on more crew, and overall keep your crew happy with lots of gold coming in. Eventually, if you attack a country too much, they’ll send pirate hunters after you. This is when you have to hold your own and find a monastery to send someone to help maintain your “good” reputation.
Another is the sword play. While it’s rather lacking (since I could see this as a 3D play) and side scrolling, it’s still pretty interesting. It’s all about the timing of the attacks or defends. If you win out, then you move forward. If you don’t, you move backwards. Very simple.
Dancing is interesting, but the songs get repetitive after trying to woo every beautiful Governor’s daughter. Having twenty to thirty cities on the map means you have a lot of wooing going on. That said, it still has some good alternative to regular pirating.
Attacking cities is definitely one of those fun strategy side-games that I personally enjoyed. Depending on how many crew members you have and I believe how the crew’s morale was doing, you gain a strategy type game almost like the old Archon chess board. Certain pieces such as the officers are better hand-to-hand units while others such as bucaneers can are long-range attackers.
There is so much more to the game, but it was definitely interesting enough to purchase after reading a whole lot about the remake of the old 1987 classic. It’s kept me busy for hours on end and I’m sure it will also for anyone else. It’s rated E for everyone so even little kids can get into the pirating. You can find a copy of Sid Meier’s Pirates! PSP [affiliate] at Walmart has this for $29.82 as of current, but you might be able to find a used copy at Gamestop or EBGames.