TSA chief doesn’t like “requirement” to screen air cargo

We’re confused. I thought the point of TSA is to make traveling safer? So why does the TSA chief say:

Hawley said requiring the cargo inspection by late 2009 “is not feasible without impeding the legitimate flow of commerce and imposing an unreasonable cost on the government.” Much air cargo is brought to airports in large containers that won’t fit through a luggage-bomb detector, Hawley said.

So when Congress wants air cargo screened, I suppose there’s not enough money in TSA screening even though they’re one of the highest funded agencies. What’s more, is that anyone watching C-SPAN could deduce that it’s a way to get dirty goods through. At least we assume this session was on C-SPAN. In any case, we do know that if you’re going to randomly inspect cargo containers on ships via DHS, then we really should at the very least do that also with air cargo.
One thing’s for sure. If you have the word Security in the name of your agency, then we assume that word is your highest priority. Not cost, or feasibility studies. Find a way.
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