The hidden world of dating geeks

Why is it that some women seem to date the wrong men? It’s sad, but they don’t seem to see the potential for geeks. As a man, you have the privilege of seeing other men act unguarded. It’s seriously disturbing when you find women attracted to men that are usually in love with themselves and think that women all worship them since they are the best thing since sliced bread. Those types of men typically go drinking a lot, live paycheck to paycheck due to trying to live a lifestyle they can’t afford, and are usually loud and obnoxious. Due to their good looks, they often are found dating multiple women at a time unknowning to the women. Geeks on the other hand might not be clothed in Abercrombie or designer wear, but they’re quiet, intelligent, and are usually loyal to the end. Another look from a woman’s perspective:

You may be thinking what do these socially awkward, checky-shirt clad specimens have to offer me? Ok, so your average geek may not be exactly Brad Pitt but, from my own experiences, geeks are perfect boyfriend material. They are honest, devoted, and faithful. They can fix your computer when it breaks. Other women are unlikely to steal them, and your parents will love them. Most importantly one day their geeky skills will earn them a mint!

So why is it that women deny the geeky types? Usually find that looks overrule stability and loyalty. Don’t ask me why. Beauty is only skin deep, and more often, the fact that you’re living within your means can lead to more riches in love and life than driving around a BMW 760Li that you’re leasing.
But never fear, the age of geeks is here! Women everywhere are suddenly realizing the hidden value of geeks and are snagging them up like the Talking Elmo at Christmas. Again, Hilary Burch on tips with snagging your geek:

Now you have him alone, the difficult bit starts. Don’t even think of trying to snag a geek if you are not a modern, self-confident girl who doesn’t mind making the first move. If you don’t like the sound of being forward, forget it; you are likely to die of old age waiting for a geek to come on to you. Banish all your preconceptions about subtle flirting and subliminal messages, geeks despite being highly intelligent, are totally clueless. Remember back to your awkward teenage doorstep days . this will be ten times worse!

If you don’t believe me on how geeks are slowly but surely getting taken, take a look at one of the most successful geeks to date: Bill Gates. Take a look at my friend’s guide to The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Geeks. So gals, look not for the beamers. Perhaps your gaze should head more towards the Toyotas. You might be surprised that you were just let in on the world’s biggest secret treasure trove.