Television targeted marketing

After dinner last night, I was watching a bit of CSI on Spike when the inevitable commercials that break all of our shows comes on. For some unknown reason, I happened to be thinking about the Lowes Foods Rewards card and how we gave them information about what we purchased at their store for the sake of some freebies and discounts.
Then it hit me.
What if we applied this to television? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to give away more of my heart and soul to any cable television company when they’re already reaping in $50-$100 a month for the average of ten channels most people watch out of the hundreds of crappy channels.
But what if they did have my profile and provided discounted or free service or freebies like the Rewards card does? If the commercials were geared towards things that I actually enjoyed instead of the multitude of car, loan and drug commercials. What if it was something similar to dealnews or Fat Wallet, or other such things that I actually care about?
Then this would mean that the advertiser would make more money from the consumer instead of blanket marketing, the cable company would gain more from the advertisers, and we the consumers would be a mass of television zombies.
Last word to cable companies: If you do implement this, I expect free television and Internet service for life since it’s my idea. I take credit for your profit margin. You’re very welcome.