Phoenix Asian Cuisine is mmm mmm good

Some time ago, I had a little friendly tiff with the local food critic, Taste of the Triad, on his review of Phoenix Asian Cuisine, and how it compared to P.F. Chang’s. Okay okay, so I’ve been busy seeing that it was back in 2005. But this past New Year’s Eve, I went to Phoenix. And it was salivating good.

Now, I still stand by my thoughts on how P.F. Chang’s is not chinese food, and more fusion Chinese and this is definitely something that Taste of the Triad mentioned. I got to hand it to him though, he called it. Out of all of the Chinese food in the Triad, PAC definitely wins out when it comes to the taste. Will I be going back? Definitely. It’s better than most of the Americanized stuff. Is it truly authentic? It’s a mixture of good Asian food, but not really what I’m looking for just yet.
But I’m really glad those around the area that told me to go, did. Hey bud, if you read this, can you find me a good dim sum place around here? That’s one of the things I miss from home.
One more thing. If you’re curious as to how to tell what’s authentic or not, here’s a pretty good tell-tale sign. The menu usually isn’t in just English. Dim sum, dum sum… where could you be?