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Protect your WordPress wp-admin folder

If you have an older version of WordPress and haven’t upgraded, you might want to add some extra security or upgrade to at least version 2.07. Place a .htaccess file in your wp-admin folder just for some extra security that blocks access by IP.
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Minimum wage increase? Not today.

The minimum wage hike from $5.15 per hour to $7.25 per hour was blocked by Senate Republicans today. The Republicans wanted tax breaks for small businesses to help them cover for the hike.
I’m torn at this. Mainly because as a small business owner, I must say that I would have liked the tax break but I also want those that work hourly wage to have a higher pay. But for different reasons than most Democrats.
This is my reasoning. In college, I had a roommate that was disabled from a traffic accident. He went through physical rehabilitation and definitely deserved the government support. But he got so many food stamps that it was enough for both of us and extra food per month. I know that many low income people get free cable and other services. While I’m all for helping out, I don’t believe it’s fair for the middle class to take on the burden of paying for these services and those of low income could in fact live in a better lifestyle due to the money they save from not paying for all of these “luxuries”. I actually know of some people that have gadgets that I can’t even justify on my salary. Fair? No.
So my reasoning for higher minimum wage? Get them enough money for a living wage. Get them off those ridiculous government programs. Leave those for people that need the help, but put a time limit on it (say six months to a year). Thus there is no dependency on those programs.
So it’s a sad day that minimum wage didn’t win out. But for the wrong reasons.


If you want a shoutbox type implementation but don’t want to go through some really ugly and nasty stuff, just install YShout. It’s AJAX, and pretty. And it’s real-time. You can customize YShout via CSS and it is standards compliant.

Toyota chief plans on sub six thousand USD car

Focusing on low-cost technology, Toyota’s chief has announced that they will change their methodology on low-cost design and materials to produce a car that costs less than Renault’s Logan. The Logan currently costs 5000 EU which is equivalent to approximately 6200 USD.
Our question would be: is this like a Festiva or the Rabbit? Cheap cars are great, but small cars seem scarily unsafe and not too cool at that. If they design something similar to the Scion xA which is in the Toyota family, or even the Mini Cooper, then sign us up a couple. There’s nothing like a cheap vehicle made by a corporation who has a reputation of reliability.
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CloneSpy is a great tool for cleaning up your harddrive by finding duplicate files and removing them. It looks at size, names, and even approximate names/size. It also gets rid of zero byte files if you so choose. You also have a choice of not removing the files, but moving them to another directory. This allows you to restore anything you might have accidentally deleted.
Would there be a reason not to use CloneSpy? Well… just don’t run it on your full computer if you map a backup drive. Since there would be plenty of false positives then, wouldn’t there.
Lifehacker < Clonespy

Opt out of Prescreened mailers

Apparently you can opt-out of those pre-screened for “X,Y,Z” credit cards for five years by calling toll-free 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) or visit www.optoutprescreen.com. Yes, it looks like it’s a scary site considering there’s nothing on Equifax or the rest of the credit agencies that link back to this site that we could find.
But fear not! We did some doublechecking. Here’s the FTC link! So if it’s a fake, go complain to your Federal Trade Commission.

The hidden world of dating geeks

Why is it that some women seem to date the wrong men? It’s sad, but they don’t seem to see the potential for geeks. As a man, you have the privilege of seeing other men act unguarded. It’s seriously disturbing when you find women attracted to men that are usually in love with themselves and think that women all worship them since they are the best thing since sliced bread. Those types of men typically go drinking a lot, live paycheck to paycheck due to trying to live a lifestyle they can’t afford, and are usually loud and obnoxious. Due to their good looks, they often are found dating multiple women at a time unknowning to the women. Geeks on the other hand might not be clothed in Abercrombie or designer wear, but they’re quiet, intelligent, and are usually loyal to the end. Another look from a woman’s perspective:

You may be thinking what do these socially awkward, checky-shirt clad specimens have to offer me? Ok, so your average geek may not be exactly Brad Pitt but, from my own experiences, geeks are perfect boyfriend material. They are honest, devoted, and faithful. They can fix your computer when it breaks. Other women are unlikely to steal them, and your parents will love them. Most importantly one day their geeky skills will earn them a mint!

So why is it that women deny the geeky types? Usually find that looks overrule stability and loyalty. Don’t ask me why. Beauty is only skin deep, and more often, the fact that you’re living within your means can lead to more riches in love and life than driving around a BMW 760Li that you’re leasing.
But never fear, the age of geeks is here! Women everywhere are suddenly realizing the hidden value of geeks and are snagging them up like the Talking Elmo at Christmas. Again, Hilary Burch on tips with snagging your geek:

Now you have him alone, the difficult bit starts. Don’t even think of trying to snag a geek if you are not a modern, self-confident girl who doesn’t mind making the first move. If you don’t like the sound of being forward, forget it; you are likely to die of old age waiting for a geek to come on to you. Banish all your preconceptions about subtle flirting and subliminal messages, geeks despite being highly intelligent, are totally clueless. Remember back to your awkward teenage doorstep days . this will be ten times worse!

If you don’t believe me on how geeks are slowly but surely getting taken, take a look at one of the most successful geeks to date: Bill Gates. Take a look at my friend’s guide to The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Geeks. So gals, look not for the beamers. Perhaps your gaze should head more towards the Toyotas. You might be surprised that you were just let in on the world’s biggest secret treasure trove.


MagicDisc is the freeware version of MagicISO that manages virtual CD drives and virtual disc images. This allows you to basically install things from images without actually having the physical drive.

TSA chief doesn’t like “requirement” to screen air cargo

We’re confused. I thought the point of TSA is to make traveling safer? So why does the TSA chief say:

Hawley said requiring the cargo inspection by late 2009 “is not feasible without impeding the legitimate flow of commerce and imposing an unreasonable cost on the government.” Much air cargo is brought to airports in large containers that won’t fit through a luggage-bomb detector, Hawley said.

So when Congress wants air cargo screened, I suppose there’s not enough money in TSA screening even though they’re one of the highest funded agencies. What’s more, is that anyone watching C-SPAN could deduce that it’s a way to get dirty goods through. At least we assume this session was on C-SPAN. In any case, we do know that if you’re going to randomly inspect cargo containers on ships via DHS, then we really should at the very least do that also with air cargo.
One thing’s for sure. If you have the word Security in the name of your agency, then we assume that word is your highest priority. Not cost, or feasibility studies. Find a way.
BoingBoing < Upgrade:TravelBetter < USAToday

Getting sick of my FVG318 issues

I’ve had nonstop issues with a Netgear FVG318. I’m not one to sit on a call for hours trying to resolve network issues, and Netgear’s e-mail support just isn’t doing it for me. Obviously they’re not keeping up with the issues considering their last firmware update was back in August. Don’t forget that this is a brand new spanking business product I bought coming out.
Current issue? Due to whatever reason, the router will lock up and you need to hard-reset it (eg. power cycle). You can barely make a connection from the outside for about a ten to thirty seconds or so, assuming the connection doesn’t fail altogether before. Not enough time to remote login and tell the router to reboot itself. That’s completely ridiculous for a business product, not to mention one where you pay at least a Benjamin for.
I’m sorry, Netgear, but your tech support is trying my customer satisfaction away. If you want to take a hint at good e-mail customer support, look at SixApart. Now that’s email support. They even respond on weekends.
Which brings me to my next thing. If Netgear won’t support my current product, then much as I like their technology from older products and interfacing, I need something that actually works. So here’s the deal. Anyone willing to give me some suggestions to another business type product? I’m looking for something that has Quality of Service, 8 ports, VPN, and wifi all in one. I don’t want to run two devices since that’s what I replaced a bank of Linksys routers with the Netgear for. There’s no point in multiple power bricks.
Outside of that, Netgear, I’d really appreciate it if you fix your current products instead of ignoring them. I’m not against keeping my FVG318 as long as it works. Heck, I actually like the product (if it did work as it should). Anyone have any thoughts?