More thoughts on Dark Alex’s 3.03OEB firmware for PSP

As usual, we don’t take responsibility for what you do with your device. If you’re crazy like we were and willing to take the risk, then if you brick and you’re up a creek… then join the crowd. Take some responsibility for your actions and don’t blame others.
Alas. Yes, I have joined the ranks of a bricked PSP. Then I bought another and I perhaps will think about a used one strictly for homebrew. Maybe. Here’s the key. If you’re looking to run the latest and greatest, there’s always the disclaimer of bricking. But if you follow all of the steps, then you should be okay. Believe me, 3.03OEB is worth it. You have 3.03 firmware along with the greatness of 1.50 firmware at the same time. What does this mean?
You can launch homebrew from your XMB. Yes, that’s right. There’s lots more features such as the new higher resolution video that Sony supports with a non-efficient compression scheme (but Dark Alex’s firmware actually supports AVC with better compression), and homebrew supports better PS1 emulation than the one given by the official Sony one which requires you to be tied to a PS3 (sorry Sony, but you’re cutting off the nose to spite the face by disregarding those of us that either don’t want to shell out $600 or can’t afford it but are willing to pay for more online capabilities for our PSP).
Many people are still hesitant. Especially $250 is tough to swallow when you brick it. Believe me, I felt it. But here’s one of the key points that I can pass along. Don’t load firmware plugins. I can’t stress that enough since that’s what caused the bricking of mine. The firmware itself is scary enough, but if you finally got it working, as they say: don’t break something that ain’t broke.
Yes, there is the “what about piracy?” question. Piracy is bad. But Sony could also take all of the great strides that are taken by the homebrew community and incorporate them. Just take a look at Microsoft’s XNA move. It’s not much, but it’s definitely integrating the homebrew community. And that excites people.
Right now, I just wish I could breathe new life into that brick. But that’s okay. I’ll mourn the passing of it, by spending more time with her successor.