Getting sick of my FVG318 issues

I’ve had nonstop issues with a Netgear FVG318. I’m not one to sit on a call for hours trying to resolve network issues, and Netgear’s e-mail support just isn’t doing it for me. Obviously they’re not keeping up with the issues considering their last firmware update was back in August. Don’t forget that this is a brand new spanking business product I bought coming out.
Current issue? Due to whatever reason, the router will lock up and you need to hard-reset it (eg. power cycle). You can barely make a connection from the outside for about a ten to thirty seconds or so, assuming the connection doesn’t fail altogether before. Not enough time to remote login and tell the router to reboot itself. That’s completely ridiculous for a business product, not to mention one where you pay at least a Benjamin for.
I’m sorry, Netgear, but your tech support is trying my customer satisfaction away. If you want to take a hint at good e-mail customer support, look at SixApart. Now that’s email support. They even respond on weekends.
Which brings me to my next thing. If Netgear won’t support my current product, then much as I like their technology from older products and interfacing, I need something that actually works. So here’s the deal. Anyone willing to give me some suggestions to another business type product? I’m looking for something that has Quality of Service, 8 ports, VPN, and wifi all in one. I don’t want to run two devices since that’s what I replaced a bank of Linksys routers with the Netgear for. There’s no point in multiple power bricks.
Outside of that, Netgear, I’d really appreciate it if you fix your current products instead of ignoring them. I’m not against keeping my FVG318 as long as it works. Heck, I actually like the product (if it did work as it should). Anyone have any thoughts?