Dear Flickr…

Dear Flickr,
I got your e-mail. I even finally begrudgingly merged my account even though I really did not want to do so. I was going to keep quiet, but Mr. Brown chimed in,I knew that I was not alone.
Us old skool fogies really are not too happy with this whole merging. While we’re happy that Flickr has a new home with daddy Yahoo, there’s a number of us that don’t use our Yahoo accounts and really couldn’t care less to use them. By forcing us to use them, you show us that you really don’t don’t care that we’ve been long time friends. Believe me when I say that if you allow an old skool login to continue, I will be the first to “unmerge” my account. I’m sure there are countless others out there that would agree.
Nothing against Yahoo, but some of us really just don’t use your services. The whole merging of accounts leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Almost tastes like old skool forums that you could only get on AOL or Compuserve but no where else.
We love your product, and we continue to use it because we believe in it. But the whole “if you’re reading this, you’ve been around for a while and that means a lot to us” is one huge crock. I’m with Mr. Brown. Try as I may, I also don’t feel the love.
O.S.F.B.U.C. (Old Skool Flickr beta Users Club)
UPDATE (1/31 11:49AM): Thomas Hawk weighs in with those that are also pissed off with the change.
UPDATE (2/1 10:31AM): Pal Dave Slusher from EGC weighs in with some more by Bruce Sterling from Wired.
UPDATE (2/1 11:30AM): Pals from Forevergeek chime in on the subject too.