Dark Alex releases 3.03-OEC for homebrew PSP

It’s amazing how this one guy is basically revolutionizing the PSP firmware. Sony really should take a hint and use these great moves to make their own official firmware better. In 3.03-OEC, most of the changes seem to be for the popstation functionality along with wifi functionality at 333Mhz, AVC patches for full bitrate, and the ability to delete and show isos correctly the same way that current homebrew games show up on the firmware.
While the ISOs aren’t something that we condone, we really would like to see Sony push for multiple hardware device access to their Sony online market instead of pushing everything through their PS3. We know of plenty of people that just are not going to shell out six Benjamins for the PS3 yet but want to partake on the “PSP only” content (ie. PS1 games).
Is it really that hard? We mean, Dark Alex has already shown the world how it can be done.
Via QJ