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Reader mini

Google Reader Mobile is nice, but it’s a bit limited as a reader. Bloglines Mobile isn’t very powerful either. But Reader mini is very lightweight alternative that allows you to read Google Reader via the Google Reader API but with a lot more functionality but not as pretty. But who needs pretty when your PDA can’t handle that much anyways? So login and go nuts. Oh yeah. This is third party and not affiliated with Google in any way.

Dear Flickr…

Dear Flickr,
I got your e-mail. I even finally begrudgingly merged my account even though I really did not want to do so. I was going to keep quiet, but Mr. Brown chimed in,I knew that I was not alone.
Us old skool fogies really are not too happy with this whole merging. While we’re happy that Flickr has a new home with daddy Yahoo, there’s a number of us that don’t use our Yahoo accounts and really couldn’t care less to use them. By forcing us to use them, you show us that you really don’t don’t care that we’ve been long time friends. Believe me when I say that if you allow an old skool login to continue, I will be the first to “unmerge” my account. I’m sure there are countless others out there that would agree.
Nothing against Yahoo, but some of us really just don’t use your services. The whole merging of accounts leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Almost tastes like old skool forums that you could only get on AOL or Compuserve but no where else.
We love your product, and we continue to use it because we believe in it. But the whole “if you’re reading this, you’ve been around for a while and that means a lot to us” is one huge crock. I’m with Mr. Brown. Try as I may, I also don’t feel the love.
O.S.F.B.U.C. (Old Skool Flickr beta Users Club)
UPDATE (1/31 11:49AM): Thomas Hawk weighs in with those that are also pissed off with the change.
UPDATE (2/1 10:31AM): Pal Dave Slusher from EGC weighs in with some more by Bruce Sterling from Wired.
UPDATE (2/1 11:30AM): Pals from Forevergeek chime in on the subject too.

Fix your Daylight Saving Time on WIndows Mobile

It’s an unofficial fix, but where there’s it follows the instructions from the Microsoft advisory. We ran it on our Windows Mobile 2003 with no issues, but YMMV. Make sure you backup your system unless you want to rebuild your PDA. Otherwise, go nuts with the cab file at your own discretion.
Via Edgeblog

FireFTP – Firefox extension

FireFTP is a great extension for Firefox. Cross-platformed, it allows you to have a full-fledged ftp client built straight into your browser for a mere 100k. It you’re average FTP interface with local on the left and remote on the right and you can move files to and fro at your heart’s content. There currently isn’t SFTP support, but from a perspective of a plugin, you really don’t have much to complain about for such a small physical footprint.
Lifehacker < FireFTP


You got to love free. iConcertCal is what it sounds like. It’s a free plugin for iTunes for both Windows and MacOSX and it allows you to synchronize your artists in your collection and a calendar where it can look up concert information. This allows you to personalize your music as well as keep up-to-date with the latest of your favorite artists when they’re in town.
Lifehacker < iConcertCal

Does new Time Warner commercial indirectly promote unethical behavior?

Curious. Lately, Time Warner has been running a new commercial. The script goes something like this:
A little boy is pulling on a cable from the neighbor’s house. Dad asks what he’s doing, and the boy replies that the neighbor’s have faster service from Time Warner. Dad tells the kid to put it back, but then the mom helps the kid yank the computer out of the window. Dad exclaims, “Not you too!”
We don’t believe it’s a local TWC commercial, but it’s definitely curious. The actors definitely want Time Warner Roadrunner service but instead of buying it they are “stealing” the neighbor’s connection. Isn’t that indirectly promoting theft of cable internet services? We think someone failed to realize this perspective when they released that commercial.


Recuva is made by the same people behind CCleaner. It basically allows you to take something that you’ve tossed from the Recycle Bin, and hopefully recover it. The real reason behind the fact that you can recover files? If you haven’t overwritten the sectors on the hard drive, then you can recover. Thus, if you defrag a lot, there is still hope for you probably depending on where the files were located. In any case, it’s freeware for Windows so get to it and see if you can’t recover those homework files you accidentally tossed.

< Recuva

Why Obama’s pipe dream might lead to his loss at the primaries

It seems that Senator Obama has a pipe dream of getting universal health care to everyone in six years. I don’t know who he’s kidding.
Let’s put it into perspective. Back in high school, the national debate category was health care. I can tell you that there was no one single school that won with universal health care as their objective. Even the holistic medicine argument won out over universal health care due to too many negatives and not enough positives to bolster the argument.
Move ahead a decade or so. Every single presidential election, health care has been on the table. When has ANY politician came through with universal health care? The actual costs of health care is already very high for the middle class. If you bring in universal health care, then who’s going to pay for it? The government through taxes? Wait a second, who gets hit by the taxes? It’s definitely not the poor, and historically the rich don’t get dinged. Gee. Middle class again. Not to mention the health care industry would revolt from the government control and health services would get very poor since private practice would not be sustainable anymore. Take a look at Canadian health care versus American health care. Who has it better overall and who has the universal coverage?
Truly, when will anyone learn? If you’re going to push these high promises every four years, someone’s bound to catch on. It has never happened with the Democrats, nor the Republicans. Unless you want to control the health care industry altogether.
Of course, it’s not like Senator Clinton isn’t off this bandwagon either.

Building your own VoIP network

If you’re looking to build your own little telecommunications network, you’ll really need to read this. This goes into enough detail that you can figure out the costs for a small network build including hardware and and running open source software.
Via VoIPUser

Dark Alex releases 3.03-OEC for homebrew PSP

It’s amazing how this one guy is basically revolutionizing the PSP firmware. Sony really should take a hint and use these great moves to make their own official firmware better. In 3.03-OEC, most of the changes seem to be for the popstation functionality along with wifi functionality at 333Mhz, AVC patches for full bitrate, and the ability to delete and show isos correctly the same way that current homebrew games show up on the firmware.
While the ISOs aren’t something that we condone, we really would like to see Sony push for multiple hardware device access to their Sony online market instead of pushing everything through their PS3. We know of plenty of people that just are not going to shell out six Benjamins for the PS3 yet but want to partake on the “PSP only” content (ie. PS1 games).
Is it really that hard? We mean, Dark Alex has already shown the world how it can be done.
Via QJ