RIAA seeks to reduce artist royalties

RIAA is seeking to reduce artist royalties in new mediums such as downloadable and ringtones. They claim that the artists should get paid less, so that the music publishers can drive revenues. Whatever that means.
It’s interesting that with the music piracy, and P2P lawsuits, RIAA plays on the fact that musicians are getting hurt, and yet they go and abuse the artist names by flipping this issue and saying they’re getting paid too much. Another interesting fact is that downloadable music and ringtones are at record highs. So who’s protecting whom? It’s sure not the musicians that are being protected by RIAA.
Perhaps this is where artists need to go out on their own and band together. The Canadians have done it with the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, with names such as Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, and more.
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