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Want to make cool round corners via CSS instead of images? Use Cornershop. Just enter in the parameters you need and it’ll give you the code to cut and paste into your website.
Zach’sJournal < Cornershop

Process Scanner

Process Library is this great website that tells you what a certain process is doing on your Windows computer. This free Windows application integrates with Process library and color codes all of your processes that are running and gives you a description of what they are. This makes it easy to find things that “shouldn’t” be running on your system. So get Process Scanner now.

HeLD – HTML eBay Listing Designer

Do you sell on eBay a lot? Are you jealous that other people have those professional looking templates while yours is just the bland basic one that eBay provides? Never fear. HeLD is here. HeLD allows you to create professional templates as long as you have some webspace somewhere that you can put them. Then the listings link directly to the templates offering you a gallery and a full range of features. You too can now hold an eBay store and feel special about it.

VMware Fusion beta out

VMware virtualization for Mac is out as the Fusion beta. This allows Intel based Macs run any sort of operating system and gives control of sharing information and hardware between the host and virtual machines. This is VMware’s answer to the new hot virtual machine creator, Parallels which has been the star of the Mac community.

Quartz Snowfall Screensaver

Been to the Apple stores lately? Seen the neat screensavers they’re running? It’s Quartz Snowfall and you can have it too. Only condition? You have to be running a Mac with Tiger.
JoeyInteractive < ALittleBitofNothingLeft

Offline Update 3.0

Offline Update 3.0 is great utility for any Windows system administrator. What it does is: it goes and downloads every known service patch and update for whatever version of Windows you have (English and German). It creates ISO images for CD or DVD for you to do updates offline instead of doing them online and having an unpatched Windows box on the network. Supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, and WIndows Server 2003.
Slashdot < heiseSecurity

Short sales

Many young investors don’t understand short sales. Yet, this is one of the ways the guys in the big leagues make a lot of their money. So how does it work?
This basically means that you’re trying to sell a stock that you don’t own currently. You’re hoping that the price is lower later on to buy it back and thus making a profit.
In other words, you’re hoping the corporation does poorly. Now, the risk involved in this is a lot greater than going long. Going long, the worst case that can happen is that you lose all of what you invested. Short sales however do not have a loss margin. If a corporation keeps doing well and going up in stock, then you could lose a lot more than you when you sold short. Thus, this is a lot riskier trade. Knowing how this works can really help if you have a knack for seeing failing corporations. And if you’re crazy enough to try it.

Web Log Filter

Web Log Filter is for those post processing Apache weblogs on a Windows machine. Everyone knows that when you don’t have a good utility to post process, then very large files will either crash the application or kill your resources. Web Log Filter takes all of the things that you configure it to look for, and it’ll strip out everything else. This way allows for paring down of very large files into more manageable logs.

Drag and Drop Shell Robot

Ever have a large number of files and/or folders that you needed to do something to but the only way was through dragging and dropping it from one window to another? How much of a pain that is to do manually? The greatest thing is that with Drag and Drop Shell Robot, you just have to configure it once. Then you can hit Start and watch it go. It looks like you have to know a bit of commandline and understand what recursion does, but if you do. Have at it.


MiniCap is Screenshot Captor’s little brother if you will. It doesn’t run in the background like its big brother, and has minimal feature set. The greatest feature though of MiniCap is the commandline interface. It allows you to set up quick and dirty commandline scripts to call MiniCap or Scheduled Tasks within scripts.