Microsoft’s hell is when win dev chief wants Mac

Not sure what Microsoft thinks about this latest tidbit from Windows development chief, James Allchin. This comes out in a 2004 e-mail in the Iowa antitrust trial where it’s been discovered that Allchin talks about how Microsoft has lost its way, and how “many random features and some great vision” doesn’t translate to “great products.”
But that’s not the kicker. Oh no. There’s more:

Allchin, who has headed various aspects of Windows development since the mid-1990s but plans to retire at the end of this year with the shipping of Windows Vista, later wrote in the same e-mail that he would buy a Mac if he was not a Microsoft employee, according to transcripts from proceedings Thursday and Friday in the class-action case obtained and posted by, an open-source legal Web site.

Buy a Mac, if he wasn’t a Microsoft employee? Huh? It probably has something to do with him being a Windows development chief, since there are actually employees of Microsoft that own and use Macs on campus. That being said, it’s still amusing to know that the Windows dev. bossman wants a Mac. Wonder if that makes Ballmer want to curse and throw chairs?
Via ComputerWorld