GAO calls FEMA on squandering Katrina funding

More fun on the government accountability arena.
GAO has recently published a report on FEMA squandering of up to $1 billion in Katrina aid. FEMA disagrees and internal audits only show about $290 million in improper payments. They have been able to recover only about $7 million of that $290 million.
What’s interesting about this is two things. One, GAO has no reason to lie. Their whole agency is based on whether or not the other agencies are accountable for the improper management of funding resources. The other is that this isn’t accountability of buying Brand A over Brand B. This is actual equipment that can’t be found and paying payments when there shouldn’t be any.
In the corporate world, people would lose jobs over this. So when will someone actually pay the consequences for this type of mismanagement of funds? Apparently there is still an abuse of Katrina aid, one year after the storm. Ick.
Via YahooNews