Another year of NC Children’s Hospitals not in Child’s Play

With Child’s Play raising close to a million this year and almost at a close, one has to wonder where the heck North Carolina Children’s hospitals are and why they aren’t participating.
It’s funny since last year, I spent a whole lot of time making many different phone calls and emails with Brenner’s staff trying to get them to just “sign up”. I mean, it’s for the kids. Gamers support them. What’s the harm? But did they sign up? No.
This year, I sent a few e-mails, but nothing again. Go figure when you look at the Child’s Play map and there is a big fat “zero” hospitals in the Carolinas that are participating. You have to wonder if they truly care when there are people out there trying to get in touch with the kids at those hospitals. Maybe next year, but I doubt it.