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Another year of NC Children’s Hospitals not in Child’s Play

With Child’s Play raising close to a million this year and almost at a close, one has to wonder where the heck North Carolina Children’s hospitals are and why they aren’t participating.
It’s funny since last year, I spent a whole lot of time making many different phone calls and emails with Brenner’s staff trying to get them to just “sign up”. I mean, it’s for the kids. Gamers support them. What’s the harm? But did they sign up? No.
This year, I sent a few e-mails, but nothing again. Go figure when you look at the Child’s Play map and there is a big fat “zero” hospitals in the Carolinas that are participating. You have to wonder if they truly care when there are people out there trying to get in touch with the kids at those hospitals. Maybe next year, but I doubt it.

Driver Collector

Driver Collector is a freeware tool for Windows that finds all the installed drivers and copies them to a predefined folder. This allows you to backup the drivers without looking for the install disks if you’re trying to reinstall Windows or rebuilding a computer.
Lifehacker < DriverCollector

Send anonymous text messages

Anontxt is a service where it can send anonymous text messages. You can put in the sender’s name and such. It won’t be exactly anonymous since they append “anontxt” to the sender line. Anontxt also has a way for you to contact them in case someone is pranking you so that you can have your number blocked.
Gizmodo < Anontxt


Spamfighter is an add-on to your standalone e-mail program. The free version is ad-driven and sends a 1 line ad with all outgoing e-mails. It basically integrates in and filters out all those bad e-mails. If you don’t like the 1-line ad, you can pay $29 for the pro version.
Lifehacker < Spamfighter

Skype Email Toolbar

Skype Email Toolbar allows you to call someone from directly in your email as long as they have a Skype contact or phone and you have Skype installed. You can also see if your contacts are online and start instant messaging following up on an email. For Windows only.

HD-DVD AACS encryption broken

Interesting. Muslix64 has posted on doom9 forum that he broke the HD-DVD AACS encryption and has provided videos to prove his work along with the source code. All you have to provide is the cryptographic keys to make it work.
Looks like HD-DVDs have met their match in what was supposed to be a more secure way of protecting media. Will this be Blu-ray’s crowning moment? Who knows. But it’s definitely going to be interesting to watch the HD-DVD market from now on and how MPAA responds to this news.

Silent Hill 2 in the works

Most game to movie adaptations are pretty… well… not so fun to watch. Silent Hill was actually a pretty good flick although not true to the storyline itself. Still, it has been one of the better game-to-movie flicks in a while. Now according to the director, Christopher Gans, there will be another and this one will correct any errors made in the first.
Nice. Hopefully this one succeeds in raising the bar. Most adaptations lately have been poor in execution.
Via Joystiq

Dark Alex’s 3.02 OEB Custom Firmware for PSP

There truly was Santa this year! From the PSP homebrew community came the 2.80 downgrader right on Christmas Eve. Then came the 3.02 OEB custom firmware from Dark Alex on Christmas Day. Ahh. What a great present for those of us that could not partake in the greatness of homebrew in the complete style that others with 1.50 firmware.
There was a single annoyance though. While Dark Alex ripped out the Location Free and Korean fonts due to a minimal number of people impacted by this, Location Free itself has gotten cheap enough that it’s worth while again.
So this open letter to Dark Alex. Could you please please release the Location Free part back in as a additional plugin? Heck, can Location Free run straight from the memory stick? hmm.
Those of us that actually own the device would really like to use it along with our homebrew. We love everything you’ve done for us. From the bottom of our hearts, Thanks.


AppSnap is an open source installer that makes installing applications very easy and upgrading a computer to the latest of whatever applications you designate in the installer. This makes building a new PC a snap as long as you have an install file to designate which applications the PC needs.
Lifehacker < Genotrance

PermaTabs – Firefox extension

PermaTabs is a great Firefox 2.0 extension. This allows you to have the tabs open indefinitely throughout multiple sessions. This way, certain pages are automatically opened and stay open until you tell it to go away.
Lifehacker < PermaTabs