Taking the gloves off with prerecorded election phone calls

To all the candidates that even want my vote. QUIT with the pre-recorded nonsense. Believe me. There are plenty of people that don’t want these calls.
For one, we cannot opt-out of these things. For another, instead of reaching the maximum amount of voters, you just annoy the maximum amount of voters. What does that logically do? It makes it so people won’t want to vote for you.

Let me put it this in another light. I emailed Craig Fox of the Guilford County Board of Elections and he graciously let me use the email exchange on voting records:

We do not have phone numbers on our records and even though we get them on our registration/change of address forms, they are not entered into our computers nor are they shared with political parties, insurance companies, etc. In fact, I do all the “public information” requests and can tell you that I have never given out one phone number.
My guess is that a company is taking our registered voter list and matching that with the BellSouth records, thus finding our phone numbers.
Like you, I am getting way tired of the political phone calls. If I knew a way to stop them, believe me, I’d do it for myself.

Go figure that. Guilford County Board of Elections doesn’t have phone numbers to give. On top of that, Craig doesn’t even like the political calls! There have been numerous exchanges with others in this county and elsewhere that dislike these phone calls.
I’m not saying to leave me alone. Give the voters a choice of what type of conversation you want to have with them. Some like the calls. Some like mail. Some like all of the above, or none of the above. But let me pick and choose. Those that want to vote will be at the polls no matter if you pay for those stupid calls or not. I’ll make the educated decision on who I would like to represent me. Just don’t annoy me since there is only so much tolerance a voter can give before taking off the glove and taking the vote the other way.