synerG Web Site Design Competition

Due to my involvement in Action Greensboro and synerG, here is the repost of the design announcement at the request of Sue. Contest ends: December 31st, 2006.

Hoping that others in Greensboro will re-announce this post nationally in our world-famous blogs, TechTriad and Action Greensboro are announcing a Web Design Contest for synerG, the young professionals arm of Action Greensboro.
Starting date: today
Ending date: December 31, 2006
The challenge: The site needs to be fresh and attractive to young professionals and cannot be completely Flash-driven because the site requires constant updating. All entries must be capable of compatibility with Contribute (we’ll do the integration but the design should reflect that goal).

  1. Deliverables: HTML and valid CSS for a home page and secondary page for the site. We need to meet ADA, WC3 and CSS rules. Send 4 files (2 HTML pages and 2 CSS stylesheets) plus supporting placeholder graphics in a .zip or .sit file.
  2. The Winnings: $500 from TechTriad (the contest’s sponsor) and linkage to the synerG site, if it’s appropriate, from the synerg site. (”If it’s appropriate” means synerG will link to your site if yours is a Web design or business site. They prefer not to link to sites that are not businesslike and we can talk about that more.) Winnings may be taxable. This contest void in any state where it’s not legal.
  3. What Else You Receive: All the PR we can muster. Participation in any news or interviews if possible to schedule.
  4. The Fine Print: Once you submit your entry, it becomes the property of Action Greensboro and TechTriad, who will complete the site development.
  5. Who Can Enter?: Anyone. You do not have to be a professional Web developer and you do not have to live/work in Greensboro. Preference is given to the best design. Period.

FILE DELIVERY: Name the home page index.html and the secondary page template.html with corresponding CSS style sheets appropriately named. Zip them (.sit files OK). Email them here.
Questions? Contact TechTriad via email or comments right here.