Seeing the light of PSP homebrew

While I’ve been a Sony supporter, I don’t get around to buying their hardware due to cost. I’m practical while a fanboy. So when I finally laid down the law and got the PSP, I dutifully upgraded to the latest firmwares.
Everything I read about homebrew was… ehh.. and the screenshots definitely supported my actions.
Boy was I wrong.

Just recently, Fanjita and crew released the latest hack to the 2.80 firmware. Having already acquired all the latest and greatest accessories (ie. multiple memory sticks), I decided to have a go. I figured what would it hurt to at least check out some of the development kits and games from indie developers.
You would be surprised as to how much I was turned. 180-degrees in fact. I love homebrew. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Sony doesn’t allow the PSP community to keep doing this and keeps locking them out. There definitely is your wishy washy games and fifty versions of pong really doesn’t get the spirits up, but that’s the same in the open source community. You have to find the star power.
And boy did I from reading other people’s lists. PSPradio is one of them. The interface is probably one of the slickest ones I’ve seen and it basically does streamcast streaming of radio to your PSP. One of the smoothest applications that’s been written out there and I’ve only scratched the surface.
PSP Revolution is another great interface, but in a game form. It’s rhythm based just like Dance Dance Revolution, but it’s been done in such a way that it’s really eye-popping to see something like this come from indie development. Well, not really, but you’d think we’d still be emulating Frogger.
The homebrew community has really done a great job, standing on the shoulders of those guys like Fanjita and the rest from noobz, whom have provided the door into a totally different world. If Sony would just get off their high horse and take a look, there’s money to be had here. Why write the software if others want to do it for you. And for free no less. Rake in the cash from hardware sales. Let the community do its thing and there will be other stars out there to shine. I finally see the light of homebrew. Why can’t you?