Driving blind again

It’s amusing when you drive blind. Really. Especially at night down that stretch on Wendover with the bright lights humming away as the rain pitters and patters and reflects the whole surface. You would think most people could tell where the lines are but they can’t. Not really. They follow the traffic in front of them.
Why is that? Because you can’t see the lines! The reflection of the light on reflective paint and also the slick pavement means that it’s very difficult to make out, or even drive in.

What’s interesting is that coming from Seattle, I hardly drive in rain as much as a downpour as it is here. And they have reflectors on the road.
What I don’t understand is that the City of Greensboro makes the claim that the reflectors are too expensive. Have you ever tried to drive on I-40 with reflectors in the rain? At night? You already have to gear up your senses to maintain the road. Try that stretch of Wendover when you come from Holden and drive towards I-40. There’s a part in the curve where the lights bounce just right that you just see a sea of reflection.
What’s interesting is that this is happening all over North Carolina, not just in Guilford County or in Greensboro. With the same justification of how snow plows just rip the reflectors to shreds. Uhh. This is North Carolina. We do get the seasons. I can understand if you go with the reflective paint if it only rains about ten days out of the year. But that doesn’t happen here.
Alas, I don’t think anything will be done about this. People usually ignore such safety issues until tragedy strikes. Just like railroad crossings.