Ballmer claims linux infringes on Microsoft IP

The recent deals between Novell and Microsoft has hardcore linux supporters crying foul. It’s not really a terrible thing, since it does mean that Microsoft feels linux creeping on them and finally nipping at their heels.
But this recent quote by Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, has people wondering what exactly doesn’t he understand about linux?

“Novell pays us some money for the right to tell customers that anybody who uses SUSE Linux is appropriately covered,” Ballmer said. This “is important to us, because [otherwise] we believe every Linux customer basically has an undisclosed balance-sheet liability.”

Lest we forget, it was Microsoft’s money that helped fund SCO’s lawsuit against linux. It’s amusing that since the Unix angle isn’t working, now they’re looking at the Microsoft angle. Hate to break it to you Stevey, but if you can’t figure out the relationships between the older cousin and linux, then you’re really reaching when you try to tie in the guy across town.
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