Anime Watch: Gankutsuo: The Count of Monte Cristo

Madame. Monsieur. Bonsoir.
Having just finished this series, I would have to say that this is definitely a dark and twisted version of my favorite classic of all time: The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas.
Gankutsuo: The Count of Monte Cristo (巌窟王, Gankutsuō) is a lot darker and more sinister than the book. Taking revenge all the way to the core, it speaks of the demon that would take over when you give away to pure revenge. If you watch a lot of anime, you can tell the extremes that the scripts take with anime influence on the classic with the original story surrounding Edmond Dantes (The Count) while the anime focusing on Albert Morcerf.

Some spoiler warnings.
Interestingly enough, you don’t realize that the summaries for the whole series is actually narrated by the demon tha consumes Edmond Dantes. It’s interesting to note that this can be seen from the fact that the demon, Gankutsuo, only speaks in French and keeps referring to the Count as his friend. Gankutsuo itself means The Ruler of the Cave. In an early translation of the Dumas classic, the translation of the title became such.
There was a well thought take on the classic with a spin with futuristic timeline but with old France influences. Even the aristocracy was based back in the time period of Dumas’ classic. The storyline was so captivating that it was tough to tear yourself away from the screen. The anime twist of the Dumas classic definitely ranks this one as one of the more intriguing pieces to date.
But then again, you’re taking the word of someone that loved the book.
Here is a list of the current DVD volumes released in the US.

Hopefully there will be a box set released for this wonderful series in the near future.