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The last online shopping year without sales tax?

The Federation of Tax Administrators who represents state tax offices thinks so. At least with the Democrats in charge of Congress now. Online shoppers should owe the same sales tax as their home state. But since the Supreme Court ruled that unless a merchant is physically connected to the state, they don’t have to collect.
While the online market has been booming and will continue to do so, if the Democrats even play against the Internet, there will be hell to pay in two years. Hurting businesses? Why don’t we ask those shipping corporations that are booming with profits since the Internet buying craze started? (Yes, we’re looking at you: UPS, Fedex, USPS, DHL, etc).
If you institute a sales tax now, then you basically kill any sort of Internet type of buying power there is. Online merchants will fall by the wayside. Many of those businesses happen to be small businesses. Is that something that we’re looking forward to in the future of this new Congress?
We hope not. As a technologically minded staff, we’re always searching for more gadgets to play with at a good price. Yes, we even buy from eBay. But if taxes are going to be instituted, then we’ll have to find our fun elsewhere. And if so, fair warning. Those new guys we put in Congress this year, won’t be there for too much longer.
Slashdot < Forbes

Judge to SCO: Quit blubbering

SCO appealed a judge’s decision after judge Brooke Wells threw out most of their evidence due to the plaintiff trying to hide it until the end to gain unfair advantage. SCO can’t appeal now that Judge Kimball has ruled against SCO after doing a de novo review.
Groklaw chirps happily: “What does it mean? It means SCO is toast.”
We agree. And boy did they [SCO] stir up a bee’s nest without seeing if they were allergic first.
Slashdot < Groklaw

4 year old Power Ranger scares off robbers

Little Stevie is only four, but his rippling foam muscles might say otherwise. He scared off some robbers that had his mom and sister at gunpoint after sneaking into his bedroom and changing into his Power Ranger’s costume.

“Get away from my family,” 4-year-old Stevie Long shouted, punctuating his screams with swipes of his plastic sword and hearty “yah, yahs.”

Sounds like there’s a bit of fantasy and reality mix up there, but at least it ended for the better.
Via News&Observer

Firefox extension: Autohide

Autohide allows you to autohide any number of toolbars and such so that you get the maximum screen real estate for surfing. That’s assuming that you use Firefox in fullscreen mode all the time.
Lifehacker < Autohide

Dreams of being a VC? Take the VCAT

Guy Kawasaki, a VC with Garage Technology Ventures, has a great thing on young people trying to get into the venture business. It actually reminded me back when I first started in information technology. You would be amazed how many individuals fling around their degrees like they’re the hottest stuff since sliced bread, but when you get down to the nitty gritty of.. well, for example: how to restart a Unix box without a GUI, people just look at you and stare (and yes, I did interview someone that I asked that question about).
Venture runs the similar. It’s amusing that Guy actually gives negative points for having a MBA. I have to agree there that many MBAs that I’ve met think that they’re qualified to manage everything under the sun when in reality, they have no one shred of business sense. In any case, take a look at the great Kawasaki’s VCAT and see if you’re suited to hit the venture industry.

Teach blogging at UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill is opening a position for a professor to teach blogging. Yes, you got that right. Blogging. Talk about going a long way from the first Chapel Hill blogging conference to the introduction of a teaching position within the Journalism School itself. Great things are happening here with new media.
ScriptingNews < BlogTogether

How business Goliaths can take on David…

…by learning to be David.
It’s fairly obvious why startups can win over large corporations. The dynamics of a small corporate entity can adjust and flow with the market and be a lot more up front with their customers. Yet, startups lack one thing that the behemoths of the corporate world have: money.
So where do the large corporations go wrong?

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Firefox extension: Link Alert

Link Alert basically puts a little icon next to your cursor when there is something to download. So for example, if you have a Word document link, when you hover your mouse over the link, it’ll show a little tiny Word document icon. This detects a multitude of different links and is actually very brilliant for those that are too lazy to read the status bar, or have it turned off.

Cellular free services

You can’t argue with free. David Pogue, who writes the technology column for the New York Times has a great article about the free services for cell phones. If you have a cellular plan that allows free text messaging, there’s nothing like this little doodad that no one ever uses. When texting, you can also ring up Google Mobile (46645). There’s also free international calling, free 411 service, and a whole bunch of other types of services that can definitely get you out of a bind while you’re on the go.
Via NYTimes

How to turn your PC into an oscilloscope

If you have a parallel port and an ADC converter (analog to digital), then you can turn your PC into an oscilloscope. Sweet. Who needs one of those fancy schmancy Tektronix or Agilent oscilloscopes? Using ScopeOnPC, you can basically do the same stuff. And it’s free for Windows or DOS.
MAKE < ScopeOnPC