YouTube pulls Stewart and Colbert clips on DMCA

Sometimes, you have to hate attorneys. You wonder if they did this on their own accord and then billed Comedy Central, or if they were told to go to YouTube and pull it. Mainly because there are actually law firms out there that actually go out of their way to create work for themselves.
In any case, YouTube pulls the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert clips as regulated by DMCA. YouTube has done nothing wrong in this instance, although we’re sure that they’ll take the brunt of the backlash instead of Comedy Central. Seeing that both the stars and staffs of both shows backed the shows being on the Internet, one has to wonder if the call wasn’t made from farther up the food chain.
And if it was? Then it just means that management doesn’t understand how to reach the younger generations. Too bad since the staff of both shows seem to know what’s going on.
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