Windows Live Mail beta – another round of changes

It looks like Redmond drops the bomb on you again. The Live Mail team releases a new version of the mail service. They have gone and fixed most of the annoying things of the last version and these are the immediate changeups that we’ve seen:

  • Top menu items on left are now new icons
  • Default theme is this snazzy blue theme
  • Fixed multiple item select
  • There’s now a help and tool tips via Ajax
  • Selecting an email only takes a single click.

Here are the immediate problems that we’ve found to exist or have existed.
  • Selecting an email takes a single click – This is absolutely frustrating for someone that uses Outlook or any other mail system since selection usually is double click.
  • Drag and drop of mail sometimes doesn’t work because of the single click selection.
  • No main menu way of forwarding a piece of mail
  • No way of forwarding a piece of mail with headers without right clicking and viewing source and then copying that content.

Overall, the only difference to us is that they change the interface a tiny bit so it looks cleaner and they fixed the multiple item selection. But then broke it by making the mail selection into single click. There is no good way of knowing you’ve selected the mail and am dragging it over. Perhaps that’s because it was tested in Firefox. All in all, it’s a good update but there’s still some things to be desired in the Hotmail replacement.