Will Sony rise out of the ashes of negative PR?

It looks like Sony has been hit with a DOJ antitrust division subpoena for their SRAM division. With the latest negative press surrounding their problems with high pricing for the PS3, the lower than expected parts for the PS3, the Lik-Sang court case, and the recent Mylo reviews from national papers that seem to all say Sony missed their mark, they couldn’t have gotten this subpoena at a worse time.
So the question is, will Sony be able to survive this blow by blow?

Sony can make it out of the scalding hot pot. But it would some changes in thought from management in my personal opinion. The current regime believes that they strike at a “we’re right, and we force the consumer to think that we’re right” type of attitude. At least that’s how it seems after consumers have been very upfront about their thoughts with the upcoming PS3 release. The latest Lik-Sang shutdown was a terrible detriment to their loyal fanbase, like a hot knife through butter. Then the marketing campaign for the Mylo that got a “not so hot” review from USA Today really didn’t spark product rave.
So what can they do to change this? Sony is a large enough corporation that they would need to change their bloat. Sony USA should function differently from Sony Japan and it should be noted that this is the exact reason why Microsoft has missed their target in Japan itself. Different market means different type of marketing.
They need to quit stringing bad decisions together. PR can only hold off so much at a time, and right now they’re just piling on the beast. Even if the PS3 launch is a success, the recent events leave all sorts of bad aftertaste. One great way to do this? Listen to their consumers. After all, the consumers are the ones that buy the products, and they know what the best qualities Sony is known for (sleek designs, great durability, and tied in some major DRM hardware designs). But don’t just revel on the good. The bad needs to be squashed. Marketing towards young people? Make it affordable and get together some focus groups that show you what young people want. Still trying to justify high price-points? Show some features “killer app” features that Xbox 360 cannot support in their current hardware architecture.
It might be easier said than done, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot too many times before it’s too late to rise up again. But then again, what do we know, we just own your products.
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