Why Linux and FreeBSD are far superior to Windows

We didn’t write it, but I’m sure that this article will have Microsofties coming out of the woodwork.

However, the author does make very valid points. Linux and FreeBSD are more stable due to the way it was designed where the kernel is separated out from the user realm. Windows has the user realm actually linking back into the core which is why BSODs are so common. In Vista, they’ve tried to redesign around this, but there are still ways to get from the application to the system core (guess why there are RSODs now). Bad. Very bad.
The virus issue is a non-issue. Mainly because virus writers attack Windows boxes because it’s the easiest to infect. I can tell you that hackers much rather infiltrate linux or freebsd boxes. Mainly because of the fact that it is more powerful. Who would want to take over a Windows box? To spam? It’s a different world altogether. Eventually, as linux and freebsd become more user friendly, the dumber the applications get, the more exploitable they are.
Linux and FreeBSD does support more items out of the box, and is more stable. But the one thing that has escaped both of these platforms has been the gaming. While we all love Frozen Bubble, and there’s one weirdo on our staff that loves Armagetron, it’s just not the same as playing Oblivion or WoW. Yes, you can play it via Cedega, but why? We want native support. This has escaped the Mac realm as much as the rest.
All in all, for work productivity, pretty much all basic work things can be done in open-source and with that a more stable environment. Gaming is still not quite there but it’ll eventually get more robust. We do wish that Loki still existed though. [sigh]. Mark our words. The Windows empire will suffer the day that PC games begin to shift into the other platforms.
Via OpenAddict