The similarities between politicians and upper management

Just some crazy thoughts, but earlier I watched as some politicians in the Energy and Commerce subcommittee question Patricia Dunn and company. It was rather amusing to watch a bunch of people that had no clue what pretexting was before the Patricia Dunn case talk like they knew about this all along.
Funny how that’s pretty much how all upper management types work out. They believe that everything is just a numbers game and that anything can be managed via knowing how to manage. Unfortunately, the truth is that good managers actually know a little something about what they’re managing. A good HR manager cannot become a good technical manager. Period. One has to know people, and one has to know a bit about the technical means.

Yet, like on CSPAN, here are Congressmen and Congresswomen talking about social engineering like they’ve always been part of the hacker culture. Nice try. I wonder if anyone has explained to them how social engineering works. It’s too bad for Patricia Dunn who didn’t stop the investigators from committing illegal acts and its my personal opinion that the security investigators at HP knew exactly what was going on since this is a pretty common methodology.
So what does this all mean? It basically tells me that if you’re a politician, please know what you’re exactly talking about and don’t act like you know about subjects you do not. If you’re upper management, then please learn that managing a corporation is not the same all the way through and that hopping from a textile company to a high-tech company doesn’t mean you’re qualified to lead. Know something about what you’re managing instead of playing the numbers game since it really shows that you don’t understand long term strategies if you believe the above.
Just my two cents anyways.