Perian – The swiss army knife for Quicktime

Sometimes, it’s a pain to download and install every codec on the sun just so you can watch your latest torrent of Battlestar Galactica. That’s okay though, since one install of Perian and you’re good to go. Perian supports the following codecs:

  • Divx, XviD, FLV, AVI
  • MS-MPEG4 v1, MS-MPEG4 v2, MS-MPEG4 v3, DivX 3.11 alpha, 3ivX, Sorenson H.263, Flash Screen Video, Truemotion VP6
  • h.264, mpeg4, AAC, AC3 Audio, and VBR MP3

Nice eh? So get to it. Perian is a free plugin for Quicktime and only supported on MacOSX.