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You know those 80×15 buttons on many blogs, and websites these days? You know.. that rectangular one that’s hard to read and looks like it’s up to no good. Well, Buttonator can help you create your own similar but perhaps larger fancy schmancy buttons. Just type the text, put in the colors and badaboom, you have a button.
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Download statusbar Firefox extension

This little wonder of an extension makes it so that your downloads show up on your statusbar in your browser. It’s unintrusive like the download window and allows you to monitor the downloads while you surf other pages.
Lifehacker < Downloadstatusbar

Firefly LED

Another cool toy. Firefly LED lanterns. You actually take a standard widemouth water bottle and fill it with water. Then you attach the Firefly LED lid to it. Turn it on, and you have a nice glowing lantern. Nice.
BoingBoing < guyotdesigns


iSquint is a video converter for iPod. Pretty neat little piece of freeware. Supports H264 encoding and can now convert flash 8. Works with pretty much all of the popular video formats.
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Wireless woes: why large scale municipal networks have troubles sustaining

I’ve been thinking a lot of about how a large scale wireless municipal network can exist. Even before starting my research for my nonprofit, having done research projects on the WiFi protocol back in 1999, and helping launch Greensboro’s downtown wireless.
Why is it interesting? To have a free large-scale network requires a large-scale wired network. If you go by the way of mesh, then it requires a great deal of RF engineering. RF engineers are not cheap, and even if you get volunteers, the initial infrastructure costs are pretty large. Still, it’s a lot easier to manage in the long run if it’s a paid network.

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Dark days for Lik-Sang

Lik-Sang, one of the premiere importers from Hong Kong has been run out of business by Sony lawsuits. This is a sad day for gamers everywhere. Sony claims they’re protecting their trademarks. Yet, the Lik-Sang lawsuits basically set precedence that it’s not okay to import and that corporations that do export are not welcome.
From Lux’s point of view? This is probably the stupidest maneuver that Sony has pulled. With the latest bad press from the PS3 pricing and such, and the waning support from even the Sony loyalists, this just leaves a bad taste in any gamer’s mouth. Anyone that has been an avid supporter of Sony is very likely to defect due to these types of stupid actions.
Imports have always been a popular niche market and it has popularized otherwise non-traditional games and other types of memorabilia. This move by Sony drives even the author here a bit annoyed. How do you expect us to support you, Sony if you keep pushing us away?
Very disappointing corporate behavior. Terrible PR. Is there anything you can do to satisfy your dwindling loyal fans?
Joystiq < Lik-Sang

City of Chicago moves to linux

The City of Chicago moves to Redhat Enterprise linux and has found that it reduced infrastructure costs by more than 85 percent.
Yes, you read that correctly. 85%!
This was a migration from Solaris to Redhat Linux for Oracle based systems and had nothing to do with Windows to linux migration. Even so, that should give a tremendous second glance for linux as a savings and replacement.
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Crimson Editor

Crimson Editor is a great editor written as a replacement for Notepad. It can be used for languages such as HTML/C/C++/Perl/Java and PHP. It allows syntax highlighting, multi-level undo/redo and the basic things you’d expect in an editor along with many other useful features that you wouldn’t expect in such a small footprint. Check it out. It’s freeware for Windows.
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Spam shuts down wireless at local coffee house

After reading multiple national sources on this, I figured it’s about time to weigh in. I got word of the fiasco before it hit the News and Record from IMs and Sue’s post. Green Bean’s wifi was abused by a spammer…
Uhh.. okay?

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Firefox 2.0 released

Mozilla Firefox 2.0’s official release date is tomorrow, but the servers have already been supplied with the binaries. So get it here for Windows and here for Mac.