Interior Department employees abuse Internet use

The Interior department has logs of people surfing sexually explicit sites, gambling, and auction sites. Lots of it in fact. But really, from what we’re told by many different friends in all sorts of government positions (from the low low to the high high), this is not a irregular occurrence.
Why? There is hardly ever strong disciplinary action. In the real corporate world, you would get fired for surfing pornography sites at work. Yet, here is an amusing statistic:

Despite the findings, Devaney noted that since 1999, the department has taken just 177 disciplinary actions, 112 of which were for accessing pornographic or sexually explicit Web sites.

We would be curious as to if disciplinary actions include firing or if departmental transfer is what happens. From what we’re told, many people actually just get a job switch. Maybe that’s incorrect, but government positions are notorious for Internet abuse.
However, we do have a very simple solution. FIRE anyone that doesn’t abide by the rules. That might be too much common sense but if it works in the corporate world, it should work everywhere else.
Via YahooNews