Firelace stickers!

Lookie Lookie at what came in today. Just in time for ConvergeSouth. This was exciting since Firelace is taking a new direction since setting up shop last year and starting a supa-secret project. It should be interesting and exciting. Certain people in-the-know already know the type of project we are hoping to release by second quarter of 2007. So what are the stickers for? Brand promotion.

What can I say. I can’t help but look at them and go dang. What a great job those guys (Thanks Tress and Dave) at Sticker Guy! did. Their prices are fair and they even changed my order after consulting with them on what would look better with our corporate logo. I’m no graphics guy (used to be a long long long time ago) but I did dream that logo up. You wouldn’t believe the pain it took to get it right with a mouse and not owning tablet anymore.
3…2…1…. Anyone in graphics would wince right about now.
This isn’t even our cleaned up version and it turned out splendid. We’re giving these babies away for free at ConvergeSouth. So if you see me, and want one of them. Ask. There might be a couple put out on the registration desk. If others want it, let me know in comments and perhaps there’s a way to work out a SASE deal if we have enough left. Please please take a look at our product line. We also do contract backend (database, PHP, .NET), but am moving towards straight product development with only certain clients retaining our custom contracts. Need a reference? Ask for Sue at TechTriad. There are countless others in the Triad area that will also swear by our work.
Shameless self-promotion? Definitely. But guess what. The stickers were too cool to pass up. I mean who wouldn’t want that spiffy logo decorating their laptop along with the likes of Google, Flickr, Yahoo, and the rest?
Perhaps one day our ranks will join those of the first dot com, and perhaps even the second one such as YouTube, Revision3, Digg, and a whole slew of others that I’m sure I’m missing since it’s late at night. But there will be one thing that we will probably beat them all at and that would be getting those dange sweet stickers out to the masses. Enjoy the pics and hopefully you’ll get one of them sometime in the near future!