Don’t change the world of Podcasting: begone evil netcast

A whole bunch of people starting with Leo Laporte of TWiT and the latest with Scoble on netcasts.
My opinion? The whole “netcast” name is stupid.

A bunch of people would ask, “why weigh in now?” Why not? So many people are sensationalizing the topic when Apple’s not actually chasing down corporations with “podcast” but in actuality the word “pod”. I suppose that could be debated also but that’s another story for another time.
Netcast? Give me a break. For one, no one knows what it is. These people that have made their name in podcast media are trying to change the medium name. To me, that’s just stupid. It’s like if Ashton Kutcher said, you know what? From now on, just call me John Smith. I’ll still be the same guy, but different name. Uhh.. no. Not going to work. How about a Mac? Let’s just call it a PC since it’s a personal computer. Yeah, as if I want the hordes of Mac fandom to crush me from existence.
This is also the same problem that stemmed from Creative and other mp3 players trying to bust in on Apple’s iPod game. Podcast stands for Portable on Demand. Not. It actually stems from the Apple’s product iPod and broadcasting. But people try all sorts of things to turn what it is into what it isn’t.
All of these explain why delineating from the word podcast will not only dilute the medium but it breaks the phenomena of the Internet. While Google doesn’t like the fact that they’ve been turned into a verb at some point by the younger generation, it still exists in conversation. The same goes for podcasts. It’s been around long enough for those of us to know what it really means and what it stands for. Don’t go changing it because the rumor mill churned another one out about what Apple is doing or isn’t doing. If Apple doesn’t see the amazing thing that ties their product line into a new media that stemmed from humble grassroot beginnings, then they have totally forgotten how they used to treat their loyal userbase. And guess what. They haven’t forgotten. At least not yet.