DOE fails for fifth consecutive year in cybersecurity measures

The Department of Energy is failing in the fifth consecutive year in cybersecurity measures. This ties the Department of Agriculture in five years straight of a failing grade. What’s interesting is that we’re pretty sure that there is probably an increase in funding to partake in security measures. So where does the money go?
Obviously it gets blown with reporting and paperwork on “how to do it” instead of actually doing it. More poor management. They need to fire every single manager that is in charge of getting “reports” and get someone to actually spend the money on implementing steps in protecting themselves. It wasn’t but a year ago that 1,500 or so of DOE employee and contractor personal information was compromised. In our opinions, to have those types of egregious mistakes are unexcusable at this point. Especially to those federal employees that work for that agency.
Via Computerworld