Dark days for Lik-Sang

Lik-Sang, one of the premiere importers from Hong Kong has been run out of business by Sony lawsuits. This is a sad day for gamers everywhere. Sony claims they’re protecting their trademarks. Yet, the Lik-Sang lawsuits basically set precedence that it’s not okay to import and that corporations that do export are not welcome.
From Lux’s point of view? This is probably the stupidest maneuver that Sony has pulled. With the latest bad press from the PS3 pricing and such, and the waning support from even the Sony loyalists, this just leaves a bad taste in any gamer’s mouth. Anyone that has been an avid supporter of Sony is very likely to defect due to these types of stupid actions.
Imports have always been a popular niche market and it has popularized otherwise non-traditional games and other types of memorabilia. This move by Sony drives even the author here a bit annoyed. How do you expect us to support you, Sony if you keep pushing us away?
Very disappointing corporate behavior. Terrible PR. Is there anything you can do to satisfy your dwindling loyal fans?
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