ConvergeSouth 2006 Day 1

Today was a very interesting day. I went to pick up Robert and Maryam Scoble at the airport. After some issues with the airline actually losing some luggage, I had them on their way to Sue. Sue was hosting both Pam and the Scobles and interestingly enough, the Maryam has a great interesting piece on how she took it. Amazing how I take a lot of it for granted since knowing Sue but I do remember the first time I thought the exact same things.
While we were at the BBQ, the Scobles received the key to Greensboro from Sandy Carmany, my district’s councilwoman. Totally cool while we did three takes of the event and caught it on cams galore (via Tom Lassiter). Then we just chilled, talked and ate. Met with a whole bunch of friends (not even going to try to name names) and had a grand ole’ time. I must admit that I saw a totally different side of Sam Wharton that I never knew of and that his blog doesn’t do the kid justice. Of course, it probably figures as much that I get caught up in conversation with his dad, David about the same things. Like father like son in that respect.
All in all, a great day. Time to hit the sack since there’s another fun day tomorrow.