Boeing and Lockheed Martin join rocket business in monopoly

While the FTC has warned this will increase prices while decrease quality, the antitrust authorities have approved a merger between the two, to allow a rocket business monopoly.
You say: “What?!! Say that again!” Yes, you heard correctly. the government approved the monopoly.

The decision came 16 months after the plan was announced, several months longer than both firms expected, signaling the concern within the Defense Department and FTC about eliminating competition in yet another part of the military market. Defense industry consolidation has already squeezed competition out of various parts of the market — since the 1990s the number of aircraft makers has fallen to three from eight, for example.

Not exactly the news you’d want to hear after the FCC informally blessed the AT&T and BellSouth merger but this is becoming ridiculous. Antitrust authorities are allowing this through? Perhaps those that are in charge of the antitrust need to get a dictionary. Because we swear that antitrust is defined as:
an‧ti‧trust – opposing or intended to restrain trusts, monopolies, or other large combinations of business and capital, esp. with a view to maintaining and promoting competition:
Something wrong with this picture, don’t you think?
Via WashingtonPost