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Downtown Greensboro getting the eyes

A conversation’s topic briefly turned to how a person I know overheard that their colleagues were talking about Greensboro. Downtown Greensboro in fact. And how the club scene is now hopping compared to just a few years ago and how at around 11PM, the streets become crowded with the hustle and bustle.
And in case anyone is wondering, these people didn’t work in Greensboro.
Now that’s what you want to hear through the grapevine. Booyah. Keep at it Gate City.

Will Sony rise out of the ashes of negative PR?

It looks like Sony has been hit with a DOJ antitrust division subpoena for their SRAM division. With the latest negative press surrounding their problems with high pricing for the PS3, the lower than expected parts for the PS3, the Lik-Sang court case, and the recent Mylo reviews from national papers that seem to all say Sony missed their mark, they couldn’t have gotten this subpoena at a worse time.
So the question is, will Sony be able to survive this blow by blow?

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Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is a great piece of freeware for MacOSX. It does exactly what the name says: it makes a carbon copy of your Mac. A complete bootable backup of your system. This is a great utility that allows you to keep a copy and update the image even when you’re not logged in.
Via Bombich

Optimized Firefox 2.0 builds for Mac

Whenever there are Mozilla releases, Neil Lee releases the optimized versions for the Mac. So cross your fingers and hope that your Mac version is there and bask in the glory of slightly faster browsing. At least so people claim.
Lifehacker < BeatnikPad

Hesitant on the Public Buildings renovations bond

I’m having a hard time voting a straight ticket on the Greensboro bonds. There are other issues with other bonds, but this bond particularly bugs me. It really bugs me.
This bond was the one that was in the N&R? a while ago, but I can’t seem to find the article/post anymore. It basically talked about how the icicles from the communications tower would hit the roof and pierce it. Then maintenance would patch the roof and this kept happening every year until current, where they need a new roof.
My question is: How is a new roof supposed to prevent the above from happening again?

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Show & Hide

Show & Hide is some freeware from Longfingers that allows you to show and hide invisible folders. Only for MacOS X.
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YouTube pulls Stewart and Colbert clips on DMCA

Sometimes, you have to hate attorneys. You wonder if they did this on their own accord and then billed Comedy Central, or if they were told to go to YouTube and pull it. Mainly because there are actually law firms out there that actually go out of their way to create work for themselves.
In any case, YouTube pulls the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert clips as regulated by DMCA. YouTube has done nothing wrong in this instance, although we’re sure that they’ll take the brunt of the backlash instead of Comedy Central. Seeing that both the stars and staffs of both shows backed the shows being on the Internet, one has to wonder if the call wasn’t made from farther up the food chain.
And if it was? Then it just means that management doesn’t understand how to reach the younger generations. Too bad since the staff of both shows seem to know what’s going on.
BattelleMedia < NewsCloud

Why Linux and FreeBSD are far superior to Windows

We didn’t write it, but I’m sure that this article will have Microsofties coming out of the woodwork.

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iPod folder

iPod > Folder is freeware that allows you to backup your music on your iPod into a folder on your computer. Works for both Mac and PC.
Via Longfingers

Charm City Cakes

I have to say that Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes is just plain sweet. He uses power tools on cakes that is so weird and interesting that it definitely has many people in the pastry world watching in awe. He started out as a graffiti artist, then moved to metalwork, and then became a cake baker.
He’s like the Jesse James of Monster Garage for cakes. Crazy with the ideas, but amazingly sweet design work. Food Channel was really smart to have got him, since it’s definitely made me watch it more. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out. And break out that welder.