Sony PSP Entertainment Packs released

Sony has released the Entertainment Packs with movies that can be copied to your memory stick in a 1G and 2G pack. The movies included are Hitch, S.W.A.T., The Grudge, and XXX:State of the Union. You can unlock one movie to copy to your PSP at a time.
Here’s the catch: For the respective $47/$77 for the packs, your unlock code expires on 10/31/2007. At first we thought that meant that you would not be able to watch movies at all. But then we thought, perhaps you have to make a final decision on which movie you want to keep.
Only bad thing about this? If you take care of DVDs, they last a lot longer than memory sticks. That means that you’re paying about ~$30 for the medium (which is what the going price for a 1GB stick) and $17 for a movie that you get to keep.
That’s worse pricing than the UMDs that Warner Brothers is selling currently at $9.99. It looks like in an effort to generate profits, Sony America missed the point yet again. Seriously. Listen to your consumers before you kill your business with American gamers that love your products.
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