Patricia Dunn should resign from HP

Ack. This is what you don’t want to read in the morning.
Patricia Dunn, Chairman of HP Board of Directors, went out of her way to spy on other directors since there was a CNET article where some information was leaked. Ms. Dunn went out of her way to find independent investigators and to spy on the directors calls not only to and from HP, but from their private residences and personal cellular phones.
I’m right there with Scoble. The moment this lady joins any corporate entity that I’m a part of, then I quit if other people don’t have the sense of not inviting her in the first place. It’s ridiculous enough that there is corporate politics, especially in the high rankings of the corporate ladder. But to institute invasion of privacy? That’s just baloney and actually against the law.
What’s worse? HP was racing ahead pulling marketshare from competitor Dell but is now going to be hurt in the whole PR of it because of moronic actions by their megalomaniac chairwoman. I predict dark days ahead for HP.
Scobleizer < Newsweek