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Movie Review: Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa

We recently got our hands on Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie – The Conqueror of Shamballa [affiliate]. This movie was released in the US on September 12, 2006 and Amazon currently has it priced at $15.87.
For those that have followed the Fullmetal Alchemist storyline, this brings to a close on the story of the Elric brothers. Set it both their own world and Munich, Germany in 1923 and ties in key roles of world history such as World War I and Adolf Hitler. The timeline occurs two years after the TV series end, with Alphonse Elric still searching for a way to bring back his brother Edward to the world of Amentris, and Edward at peace that this world (Earth) was the result of equivalent exchange when he brought his brother’s body back from the Gate.
Definitely worthwhile to own, while waiting for the boxset of FMA to release. Funimation has done a great job in helping bring American fans one of the biggest hits from Japan.
Official US website by Funimation.
Official Japanese website by Sony Music.

Having problems with XBOX Live? No problem

If you’re having issues with connecting to Xbox Live, it could be a port forwarding issue. Make sure that UDP port 88, UDP port 3074, and TCP port 3074 are being sent to your Xbox/Xbox 360 IP address.
If not, then no Live play for you. And we wouldn’t want that now would we?
VIa Microsoft


Curious as to how people get words from their phone numbers? Ever wondered what words your phone number spelled? Well, check out Phonespell. It goes through an easy algorithm that basically checks it against dictionary words and tries to find combinations that actually spell something. Pretty amusing and maybe you’ll suddenly find out that your number happens to spell DOG-FOOD. Who knows?

Sony cuts pricing for PS3 [update 1]

Sony cuts the price of the basic PS3 to approximately $410 USD. This is great news for gamers everywhere since the Washington Post has the Xbox 360 at approximately $427 USD after the HD drive is included (which would place both systems in the same standing).
For many of us that have been waiting patiently for the PS3 to release, this is definitely a good sign that Sony is actually listening somewhat to the bad press. This is also probably due to the demographics that are shifting to the Wii due to PS3 quotes being severely high.
For us at Lux, Sony has always offered the same gaming style that the Japanese adore. RPGs and adventure type gaming that have fantastic storylines and an interactive movie like quality. Square Enix is definitely a next-gen console RPG leader and will not leave Sony’s side and hasn’t since the PS1 inception. The price could still be lower, but those that waited it out, this is good news.
UPDATE (9:45AM): It seems like the price cut only effects the Japanese market for now. Sony USA better get their act together since this is the USA, home of the under $5 fast food meal. We mean really.
Via WashingtonPost

Gangs of London PSP demo

As you can see, here is the Gangs of London demo for the PSP. Release date is October 3, 2006. The game play so far has been pretty interesting, as far as a mix of GTA and your average over-the-shoulder type game. Very clean graphics. Two things to note though. If the demo’s loading screen is any indication of the actual game, then the spinning UMD graphic is annoying as heck and could use an update to at least some other loading graphic. Totally unoriginal. The other is that you will need to have firmware 2.71 to play. So far, I’m definitely intrigued and I’m hardly ever intrigued by these types of games. For supporting 1-5 players of WiFi, this game has got to be very fun at the least. I doubt its infrastructure based but I’m not sure as I just got it and put the pictures up as soon as I could.
Here’s the photo of the demo’s inside cover.

Axel command line download accelerator

Many people know wget, but they’ve probably never have heard of axel. Axel is like wget on steroids. It opens multiple connections and allows the client to download parts of the same file through multiple mirrors or paths. This decreases the time that it takes to get a file due to multiple simultaneous downloads.
Via Cyberciti

LDAP in linux

When you have multiple machines across a network, you don’t want to authorize yourself to every machine every time you go through the network with different passwords. You want to be authorized to the network, just like WIndows has Active Directory. LDAP can help with that. Here is a howto on installing and configuring LDAP in linux so that you won’t have to worry about multiple machine authentications.
Via Howtoforge

Gangs of London PSP demo

Everyone gave up on the Gangs of London demo for the PSP. But in my greedy little hands, I have one! I will post pictures tomorrow since the camera I have currently is bad and takes blurry pictures.

Business tips – upfront money

It’s funny how trustworthy some people are with their clients, even those that come from “who knows where.” Our advice? Upfront money.
At the very least, get a contract down on paper. Even if they’re close personal friends, and you’ve known them since kindergarten, there is still the chance that you’ll get stiffed from any job. There’s no telling with people that you have never met. It’s like purchasing from eBay but instead of buying something, you’re selling your services. Why do you think rental places ask for first month’s rent? You better be ready to not be able to collect or go through small-claims court if you ever get stiffed. And that’s just a plain hassle.
So get that upfront money. It will save you a lot of heartache and stress in the future.

Beef up your T-Mobile MDA

Here is a great list of things you can do to a T-Mobile MDA to make it just a bit better. It includes rom updates, and software to run. Not bad.
MAKE < Flickr