MSDN oops: Microsoft Security employee plays with warez?

Interestingly enough, after reading Chris Pirillo’s “Hidden Microsoft Gem,” we decided to take a look at Microsoft’s DropMyRights.
Now here’s a fascinating tool that allows administrators to read emails as normal users. But it was even more fascinating picking up this little tidbit.

Check out the screenshot if the original page has been modified. As you can see, the executable file is installed into:
Now anyone that has been around the block in the computing world knows that warez is another name for “pirated software”. Here’s the official definition. Very curious. Wondering if anyone from Microsoft would like to comment on why there is a screenshot that is made with that directory name? Surely the Michael Howard, Microsoft Senior Security Program Manager, isn’t promoting warez use, let alone indirectly promote piracy?
Definitely a large and wondrous hmm.