Motorola suspected of being behind Samsung damaging video

A Youtube video of a woman snapping in half a Samsung phone in half has been widespread on the Internet and Motorola is being accused by The Korean Times as being the producer.
The line that is being used as pointing a finger at Motorola was found on Youtube: “The video has been removed at the request of the copyright owner Motorola, because its content was used without permission,” the Web site said.” Samsung hasn’t accused Motorola yet although they have launched an investigation, and the Motorola Korean branch has denied the video.
If Motorola truly did do this video even for internal purposes, then it was done in bad taste. Never ever use your competitors information whether inside or out unless you’re ready for some moronic employee to leak it to the Internet and tarnish your name. If it was done by an outside individual, then it was also done in poor taste. We suppose that if you really wanted to do a stress test of “thin phones” that in a closed environment lab would be the best way to do so. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
UPDATE (1:14PM): Engadget Mobile points to a different article where it seems like Samsung and Motorola are both looking into the issue, perhaps in a joint effort.

Samsung, the world’s third-largest mobile phone maker after Nokia and Motorola, believes the handset had been damaged earlier to make it appear easy to break.

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