Moronic Netgear support

I’ve decided.
Netgear has the worst technical support ever.
Here is the latest on my FVG318 where I’m trying to get to work with Vonage. Here’s the dialogue on their email support. What’s severely annoying is that after I detailed that It is the Vonage Motorola VT1000 ATA, this support guy keeps on telling me that there’s some modem like it’s connected to Windows.
Really. What the heck. Netgear, I’m severely disappointed that you can’t support a a business class router with this type of crappy support not to mention your new device has bugs. You know what, all I’m asking is to fix your device so that it works with Vonage. It’s a router. Route the VoIP call. Is that too much to ask?
Read more for the pathetic support. This is still ongoing.
UPDATE (9/11): I’ve been sent to L3 support. Hopefully there will be resolution soon.

8/30/2006 3:33:00 PM
Tried every configuration there was, but could not get Vonage adapter to work. This worked fine when I was using a Netgear RP114. I thought it was the firewall, so I put the ATA adapter on the DMZ, but it still doesn”t work right. It is definitely something going on in the router itself since testing the ATA without the router works perfectly.
9/2/2006 6:15:00 AM
Thank you for contacting NETGEAR Support my name is Logan and I will be your support agent for this case.
You have mentioned as your vonage Adapter does not work. We need information about the Adapter. Is the vonage Adapter is Ethernet or a wireless Adapter. Have you installed the Adapter in the system. Check for the status of the Adapter on the Device Manager.
Kindly get these options and revert back to us.
Netgear Prosupport
9/2/2006 1:15:00 PM
ATA: Motorola VT1000
The adapter itself sits inside of the network, behind the FVG318. That should have been obvious since I mentioned that I DMZ the ATA.
The ATA itself is an ethernet based. The network design is as such:
Internet -> FVG318 -> VT1000.
Same design as when I had my RP114.
Internet -> FVG318 -> RP114.
I have no clue what the heck you”re talking about Device Manager wise. This has nothing to do with Windows or a PC.
9/8/2006 9:21:00 PM
Hi blanked,
We really want to confirm that the Adapter is able to ping the Router, that was the reason we checked for the installation of the Adapter.There will not be any firewall issue for normal internet connections through the Router.
As your connection goes from the MODEM – FVG318 – Adapter(System). You should be able to ping the Router’s IP Address If not check for the firewall in the system.
If you are able to ping the Router, check for the WAN IP Address in the Router status. If the WAN Port gets the Public IP Address or Private Address if nat modem is connected, then you should be able to pine the Websites.
And if you are able to ping the Websites and unable to go online, kindly check with different Browsers.
Netgear Prosupport
9/9/2006 1:18:00 AM
Please give me level 3 support. No offense, but you obviously don”t understand what an ATA is or what Vonage is nor do you understand the problem after I detailed it very clearly.
THERE IS NO MODEM. The ATA can communicate with the FVG318. The issue is that even through DMZ, the communication doesn”t work. This shouldn”t happen. That”s an issue with your firmware has a bug since DMZ should be a straight pass through.
I have no clue why you”re asking me to ping the router from a hardware device (ATA) or why the hell I”m supposed to check browsers when it”s obviously not possible from a hardware device (again, the ATA).
This is a problem with the FVG318 dropping packets from the ATA during a VoIP call and basically trashing the call even though it shouldn”t be doing this.