Lawsuit against Take-Two claiming GTA:Vice City involvement in triple homicide

Three families are suing Take-Two Interactive for $600 million claiming that the triple homicide would not have happened had the then fourteen year old didn’t play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
This basically says it all:

Posey had told police he shot his family after his father, the ranch foreman, slapped him for not cleaning horse stalls fast enough. Prosecutors described Posey as a ruthless killer, but his lawyers claimed his father had abused him for years.

This mainly shows that the child is at least severely disturbed if not abused. Not to mention there was hardly any parent responsbility seeing that the then fourteen year old was playing a game that was rated “Mature“.
Replacing personal responsibility with blaming a gaming corporation just shows that society has gone off the deep end and those that stand behind it have issues with parenting (in our opinion). What about violent tv shows and movies? Anyone ever bother to watch Nip Tuck? Perhaps that will turn our children into promiscuous individuals? How about Saw and Saw II? That’s going to turn our children into psychopaths? This is another case of greed overpowering sanity and trying to pursue monetary gain from personal tragedy.
Tragic, that society allows these people to think in such ways..
Via HoustonChronicle