If ISPs were truly about spam blocking…

If ISPs were truly about spam blocking, they would turn on their own users. Case in point. Much spam comes from users of cable services such as Comcast, Roadrunner and AOL. It would be easily set up to have the account locked, all webpages redirected to a portal. A toll-free number and a number would tie you to which case so that the help desk can track it. The end-user would call in, the help desk person would help them download spyware/anti-virus (which are on the same portal links).
Install. Remove. Unlock.
Seriously. If ISPs were truly about turning down spam, then they would try this methodology. It wouldn’t stop the Russian or Chinese spam, but it would be a start at killing anything that we can control. Reduction is also a win in the war. Why not give it a go? I mean, if the end user leaves in a hissy fit, I’d imagine that they would be too ashamed to admit that they left the ISP even though they were part the cause of the great spam problem.